Padron Peppers

by Susan on September 7, 2011

These little green gems are Padron peppers, named for the Spanish town of Padron from whence they came. We first fell in love with them at Txikito, a Basque restaurant here in NYC. (Txikito serves some of the best tapas we’ve ever had – put it on your list). Imagine our delight when we spotted a huge basket of these beauties at a farm stand this summer.

The peppers are traditionally prepared by pan frying them in olive oil until they’re cooked and blistered (about 3 minutes a side) and then sprinkling them with coarse salt. You can eat the entire pepper, stem and all (as I do), or discard the stem as you would a cherry. The peppers are mostly mild, almost sweet, but occasionally there will be a rogue spicy one that will make your eyes tear. It’s part of the fun.

A plate of Padrons is a simple, but surprisingly special nibble. They make a great pre-dinner snack, especially with some wine and friends.

If you see these beauties at your local green market or farm stand – grab yourself a generous bagful. You’ll be hooked!

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